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Sunshine Coast Pest Control - BFS Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Pest Control and Carpet Cleaning

Why make two calls when you can simply make one?
At BFS, we not only steam clean your carpets,
we provide quality Pest Control too
….a simple one-stop call for your move-out!

    General Pest Control

Price based on standard 4 bed low-set house:
Internal or External – $110
Internal and External – $165
(Check out our Spring Specials too!)
Targets cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, ticks, silverfish and mosquitoes.
We use the latest odourless, low-irritant products from trusted brands such as Bayer and FMC Australasia

Pest Management Technician Licence Number: PMT1002694812

                                                More about Pests


Sunshine Coast Pest Control  The most common insect found in homes, the cockroach, has adapted well to any Australian conditions. They eat a wide variety of food, from rotten garbage to book binding and breed in dark undisturbed places such as cracks and crevices, sewers, storm water drains and cardboard storage boxes.

They are known to carry diseases such as salmonella and gastroenteritis and recent studies have also indicated that cockroaches can cause allergies.
Good hygiene practices, such as frequent house cleaning, will help reduce the risk of further infestations.


Sunshine Coast Pest Control AntsLiving on the Sunshine Coast has its problems with insects, especially ants. Activity becomes higher during the wet season and treatment is necessary to control them. The black ant is most often found nesting in walls, roofs, etc and the Coastal brown ant usually nests in gardens.


Fleas & Ticks

Sunshine Coast Pest Control Tick and FleaFleas and ticks are a constant problem on the Sunshine Coast, more so leading up to the wet season. Tick paralysis is of particular concern to pets and young children, with initial symptoms possibly including an unsteady gate, weakness of limbs, multiple rashes, headache, fever, flu like symptoms, and partial face paralysis.
Avoiding tick and flea infested areas is the best method of not getting the pest. However, decreasing soil moisture, reducing foliage cover and keeping your lawn  short will help reduced the risk of having them in your backyard.



Sunshine Coast Pest Control SpidersHere in Queensland, spiders are a fact of life, and effective treatment to prevent spiders from moving into your property must be thorough and meticulous.

We’ll happily rid your home from spiders to help protect your family, whilst your eaves and external surface remain web free!


Call Max on 0431 265 984 and get the professionals to leave your house Pest-Free

Sunshine Coast Pest Control 

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