Jun 20

Cheap carpet cleaning on the Sunshine Coast

If you are looking for cheap carpet cleaning on the Sunshine Coast, you may have already thought about hiring a carpet cleaning machine from a supermarket to do it yourself.

This is such a tempting idea when you are on a budget, approx $50 plus detergent to clean all your carpets – I can certainly see the attraction!

However, now put into consideration the other factors; the cost of the detergent; the time it is going to take you to clean as much carpet as you can do in a weekend; how long it is going to take for the carpets to dry.

The small electric hire machines may seem like a great idea, but using this system is going to take at least 5-6 hours to clean an average 4 bed house with a lounge room, the carpets will then be left soggy as the water extraction in these machines is very poor, about as powerful as a domestic vacuum cleaner.
The machines work by adding water from your tap, which does not produce steam because the machine does not have the capability to heat the water – which means the results are not always going to pass the strict real estate bond cleaning standards.

So you’ve spent almost a whole day cleaning carpet, spent around $70-80 all up and you have to keep off the carpets till they are dry… at least 24-48 hours.
Also, with mediocre results, this may result in having to get them re-cleaned to get them passed by a bond inspection.

Now consider using a professional outfit such as BFS Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control

  • The powerful truck-mounted petrol machine uses high pressure steam

  • Our machine can extract the water at over 300 CFM

  • The detergent is professional grade and the technician is highly skilled in stain removal PLUS real estate approved

For an average 4 bedroom house with lounge room to be steam cleaned using the highest specification machine is going to cost you approx. $120 including general stain removal and GST.

It will take less than an hour and a half and the carpets will be dry on average within a couple of hours… and most importantly, we can guarantee getting your bond back.

Is it really worth taking up your precious time at the weekend for $40…?




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