Apr 17

Brightwater Mountain Creek Carpet Cleaning

Another busy week around Brightwater in Mountain Creek for carpet cleaning this week. Great results every time, and lots of happy customers.

Brightwater Mountain Creek Carpet Cleaning

Mar 07

Mountain Creek Carpet Cleaning – beat the beetroot

Mountain Creek Carpet Cleaning – Beat the Beetroot!

Using the power of pressured steam, we blasted away this beetroot stain this week. Needless to say, the owners were very happy with the results!
Remember if you have a stain like this, just blot with kitchen paper and call in the professionals – using store-bought detergents may spread the spill or cause it to stain.

Mountain Creek Carpet Cleaning

Sep 09

Super Spring Cleaning Deal on Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast

I know… we hardly had much of a winter here on the Sunshine Coast did we?!
However, we are now into SPRING and we can no longer put it off, spring cleaning I mean!

Let us lighten the load by steam cleaning your carpets to get them Spring Fresh and also keeping those pesky pests away before they come out of hibernation and into your homes, plus enjoy a great saving on the price! 

Pest control and Carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast


Aug 22

In need of a carpet cleaner in Sippy Downs

The owners of this property in Sippy Downs were in desperate need of a deep steam ultra super-dooper carpet cleaner… luckily we fit the description!

Take a look at these before and after shots

They were extremely pleased that the carpet did not need to be replaced as they first thought…

BFS… saving you time and money!

Jun 20

Cheap carpet cleaning on the Sunshine Coast

If you are looking for cheap carpet cleaning on the Sunshine Coast, you may have already thought about hiring a carpet cleaning machine from a supermarket to do it yourself.

This is such a tempting idea when you are on a budget, approx $50 plus detergent to clean all your carpets – I can certainly see the attraction!

However, now put into consideration the other factors; the cost of the detergent; the time it is going to take you to clean as much carpet as you can do in a weekend; how long it is going to take for the carpets to dry.

The small electric hire machines may seem like a great idea, but using this system is going to take at least 5-6 hours to clean an average 4 bed house with a lounge room, the carpets will then be left soggy as the water extraction in these machines is very poor, about as powerful as a domestic vacuum cleaner.
The machines work by adding water from your tap, which does not produce steam because the machine does not have the capability to heat the water – which means the results are not always going to pass the strict real estate bond cleaning standards.

So you’ve spent almost a whole day cleaning carpet, spent around $70-80 all up and you have to keep off the carpets till they are dry… at least 24-48 hours.
Also, with mediocre results, this may result in having to get them re-cleaned to get them passed by a bond inspection.

Now consider using a professional outfit such as BFS Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control

  • The powerful truck-mounted petrol machine uses high pressure steam

  • Our machine can extract the water at over 300 CFM

  • The detergent is professional grade and the technician is highly skilled in stain removal PLUS real estate approved

For an average 4 bedroom house with lounge room to be steam cleaned using the highest specification machine is going to cost you approx. $120 including general stain removal and GST.

It will take less than an hour and a half and the carpets will be dry on average within a couple of hours… and most importantly, we can guarantee getting your bond back.

Is it really worth taking up your precious time at the weekend for $40…?




May 18

carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast – weird rugs!

We do come across some strange sights while carpet cleaning on the Sunshine Coast, but nothing quite like these fabulous rugs!

I doubt they got them from rugs-a-million..!

Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast - Weird Rugs
















carpet cleaning sunshine coast - weird rugs!



Apr 03

Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Sunshine Coast Deals

Looks like you found the right place for carpet cleaning and pest control Sunshine Coast Deals!

Right now, this April – we are offering 4 rooms steam cleaned PLUS Flea treatment for $147.00 – no hidden costs…

carpet cleaning and pest control sunshine coast April Deals

 Have a great week, sunny coast :)


Mar 24

Carpet Cleaning in Mountain Creek

From carpet cleaning in Mountain Creek and other pest control jobs around the Sunshine Coast this week, we were also called for leather cleaning in Mountain Creek.

This 2 year old lounge suite was still in great condition, but daily use had caused it to look dull and dirty…

Using specialised leather cleaner and conditioner the lounge suite was transformed to its original condition…
..and the owners were naturally very pleased with the results!


Mar 16

A rush on carpet cleaning in Maroochydore

At last, the weather has been fine!
So this week there was a rush on carpet cleaning, from Maroochydore to Maleny…

Here is the pick of our photos for the week!

Contact us to get this months great deal on carpet cleaning and pest control

0431 265 984

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Feb 25

Carpet Cleaners Sunshine Coast Stain Removal

Don’t Scrub Spills or Stains

carpet cleaners sunshine coast

To remove red wine from a light coloured carpet, dilute the split wine with water and soak up with cotton towels until the wine had disappeared, then repeat the process until the carpet is as dry as possible. This is important to prevent the jute back colour wicking back up and causing browning.

If necessary use a hair dryer to do this. However, be careful not to get the carpet to hot or you could melt or burn the carpet fibres.

Then, call BFS Carpet Cleaning and Pest control to get the carpets cleaned so it all looks uniformed.


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